Self-Enquiry Dyads

Self-Enquiry Enlightenment Intensive and Awareness Intensive Meetups

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An Invitation

You are invited to come to a monthly series on Zoom.

Each gathering combines two parts:

A presentation by an Osho Awareness Intensive Leader or by an Enlightenment Intensive Master (usually 40 minutes).

Two optional “Dyad” sessions (45 minutes each) where participants deepen their awareness and understanding of themselves, of life, of love, and of others.

The gatherings are free of charge.

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A Request for Support

We intend to continue offering these gatherings free of charge and would like some help to cover costs. If that is something you feel moved to help with, please see our Donate page. Thank you!

For New People without Experience of Self-enquiry Dyads

As a new person, you are warmly invited to attend all the presentations which occur at the beginning of each monthly event. To participate in dyads in breakout rooms (the second part of each event), it will be necessary for you to be introduced to the particular dyad technique we use. There is an opportunity for this during the first dyad period so that you may then, if you wish, join the second dyad practice with another participant. For more information and an explanation of terms used, see ‘New to Dyads?’

With special thanks to Osha Reader, Lawrence Noyes, and Janeane Weprin for their support and suggestions. Dedicated to Murray Kennedy and Edrid for their inspiration and personal guidance. Dedicated to Osho. 

If you have any queries, please email us at 

The Presentations

Each month an Awareness Intensive Leader from the Osho communities or an Enlightenment Intensive Master will present an informative and inspiring talk about various aspects of these intensives and of the dyad process.

Awareness Intensive (AI)” is the name used in Osho communities; the process is the same as in other communities where they use the name “Enlightenment Intensive (EI)”.

Each monthly presentation will include the unique, and often inspiring, personal experiences of the presenter.

There are many benefits of these intensives, especially how they are an opportunity for you to discover and “directly experience” the truth of who and what you actually are, of what life is, of what love is, and of what others are.

This process is suitable for every sincere seeker of truth in their lives, regardless of religious or spiritual orientation. Care is taken so that no belief system is introduced or taught. Only a method is provided to facilitate effective and satisfying personal enquiry and experience.

Previous Presenters

These monthly gatherings started in April 2022,  So far we’ve had presentations by Edrid (a student of Charles Berner, the creator of Enlightenment Intensives); Murray Kennedy leading a tribute to Jeff Love; Lawrence Noyes, Ganga and Garimo, Simone Anliker from Global Dyads, Zen Reverend Pitaka Christie Close, Forest Dalton, founder of the Love Intensive, Avikal Costantino, Colleen Santini, Smaran Stockard, Bill Savoie, Osha Reader, Russell Scott, Emma and Barry McGuinness, Murray Kennedy, Yoah Wexler and Doug Seeley.

Event Dates and Times

All events in this Zoom series occur on the first Wednesday of each month.

Events begin at:

  • 8pm Central European time
  • 7pm UK time
  • 2pm in Eastern USA/Canada  
  • 11am Pacific Time  

Privacy: If you would like to remain anonymous on the Zoom call, please see Privacy on Zoom.

Next Presentation in this Series

Wednesday, December 6, 2023 - presenter Colleen Santini

What did people do before Dyad Meditation? How did we find this brilliant modern practice for enlightenment? The parents of Dyad Meditation are the eastern practice of Zen Sesshin and the western practice of Mind Clearing. This talk will be about the origin story of Dyad Meditation and we will go into more depth about Clearing.

Colleen got interested in enlightenment through yoga in 1983. After 12 years of a dedicated daily yoga practice, she had a glimpse of the truth – like a kiss. That kiss of union changed everything. The focus became enlightenment, because Colleen was not done yet. Four years later someone introduced her to the Enlightenment Intensive and she never looked back. In 1991 Australia beckoned and Colleen travelled there to meet Yogeshwar, take her Masters’ Training with Lawrence Noyes, and learn Emotional Clearing with Katherine Betz.

Several years later Colleen married Lawrence Noyes and together they trained Enlightenment Masters and Clearers in Toronto and Vancouver. Colleen also worked extensively with WarriorSage from 2004-2009, becoming their Senior Staff trainer for Enlightenment Masters and Monitors. She has led, staffed, or taken part in over 100 Enlightenment Intensives and given thousands of hours of private sessions to people using the clearing techniques that are the inspiration of the dyad meditation technique we have grown to trust with our inner process.

Colleen has two upcoming Zoom Dyad Meditation Retreats: one at New Year's (December 29 to January 2) and the Annual  Retreat with Osha Reader which Colleen is privileged to be leading in April this year. There will also be opportunities to experience Clearing on one day retreats with Colleen. There is more information available on her website at and

The presentation will be followed by two dyad sessions.

Join the Zoom Call

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Future Presentations

Wednesday, January 3, 2024 - presenter Edrid

Smaran asked Edrid to share some of his views of the ways in which participants can integrate the spiritual experiences, transformations, and direct experiences into their personal lives.

Edrid was a physics student at USC when he met Charles Berner in 1963. Charles introduced him to the nature of mind and that became a central focus from then on. He was a founding member of Charles’ Institute of Ability, studied clearing and started mastering EIs in 1969, co-mastering with Forest Dalton. He continued mastering and co-mastering ~70 Enlightenment Intensives, interspersed with taking about the same number, and held master training courses with Osha Reader. 

Forest introduced him to Cha No Yu tea ceremony, a mindfulness practice, which he continued practicing for many years. He received Shaktipat initiation from Yogeswar Muni in 1975 which resulted in a major life change. He studied advaita vedanta with Master Subramunia and Pure Land Chan Buddhism with Chinese master Tsuan Hua, and has a mystical connection with Haidakhan Baba. He was also drawn to Charles Berner’s LILA Paradigm and studied that in depth for several years. 

In 1998 he had another important spiritual experience and from that point focused mainly on the Dzogchen path of Vajrayana Buddhism. He studied Bön Dzogchen with Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche (Zhang-zhung snyan-rgyud), and received important transmissions from Kenchen Palden Sherab Rinpoche. For the past two years he has been broadening his education by studying quantum physics, general relativity, cognitive science, neuroscience, and philosophy.

He is retired now, having completed a career in computer design and technical writing. He lives with his wife, Anatta, near Portland, Oregon. He has three wonderful grown children. He plays the guitar and sings in a band that has been together for about 15 years, and is active in promoting music and the arts in Oak Grove where he lives.

Edrid's website:


Some Appreciation

"Thank you so much for this!

I'm training to be a Master and all this early history helps me learn more about the nature of the intensive.

Warmly, MM, US"