Self-Enquiry Dyads

New to Dyads?

Below under Glossary some of the terms used in this email. As a new person, you are warmly invited to attend all the presentations which occur at the beginning of each monthly event. And if you prefer, you don’t need to participate in the dyads which follow. However, there is a way for new people to participate in dyads if that is your preference. To participate in dyads in breakout rooms (the second part of each event), it will be necessary for you to be introduced to the particular dyad technique we use. If you wish to learn the technique, you are welcome to join a separate breakout room on the main call where, for the first dyad period, you will be given instructions. Then if you wish, you can join the second dyad practice with another participant.


The “Dyad Process” is used; it involves two people taking turns. One person contemplates and communicates about an essential question such as “Who Am I?”, “What am I”, “What is life” “What is love”, or “What is another.” The other person listens silently avoiding judgement and reaction of any kind, and does not refer to the partner’s expression when the roles are reversed, typically every 5 minutes.

“Contemplation” means to be open to the experience of the present moment, without intentionally thinking or feeling, but accepting whatever arises into awareness naturally.

In an “Enlightenment Intensive” or an “Awareness Intensive”, the process typically carries on for 3 or more days, with partners changing every 40 minutes. Sufficient rest, food, and exercise are provided.

A “Direct Experience” is difficult to put into words, because it is an experience which is not of the body, not of the mind, and not an experience of emotions. Each Direct Experience is unique, but there is a sense of absolute knowing, or being beyond knowing and not not-knowing, with no sense of separation. This often leads to significant life changes.

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